"I had my service done by Theresa and I couldn't be more happy. I had my placenta encapsulated and thank goodness I did! I have been prone to anxiety and depression my whole life and was terrified of postpartum depression. And wow they really make a difference! If I forgot to take one I was a mess! Crying and feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.. Every time I took a pill I got an energy boost and felt so positive about motherhood. I call them my happy pills :) Theresa was so quick to respond to me and helpful with all my questions. Also love the umbilical cord keepsake. It's amazing to me to be able to hold the thing that allowed me to provide life for my child. The whole thing was a very spiritual experience for me and I highly recommend this and hiring a doula to anyone." -K.A., mom in Pullman, WA 2015

My first childbirth I suffered with severe postpartum depression. So when I found out I was pregnant with my second child I did a lot of research about postpartum depression. I was a little nervous about the idea, but I was desperate! Within a couple days of taking the pills, I started feeling energized and more like myself. Theresa made the process so easy and was always willing to answer any questions and even checked up on me. I would recommend this to anyone who has ever suffered any postpartum problems. These truly are a magic pill! - R.W. 2nd time mom, 2015

"Getting my placenta encapsulated was a last minute choice. I had a difficult birth (csection) and decided at the last minute to have this done. The nurses helped me find Theresa and she was available to pick it up the next morning! I am not sure if it helped as this is my first child but I recovered quickly and felt great! I will definitely have this done again for my next child. Thanks again!" -B.R., mom in Moscow, ID 2015

Having Palouse Placenta do this process for me was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I struggled with postpartum depression with all seven of my other births. But not this time. I honestly am still in shock that it worked but it is clear that the capsules helped me. I figured it was worth a shot but the difference this time has been more than I expected. The last few babies I had came home from the hospital with such bad anxiety that I would cry every time my baby woke up. The pills made such a difference though! I'm so sad that I couldn't have used it for all my earlier births. Thank you guys!"

This was my 2nd time having a placenta encapsulated but the first time having Theresa do it. Theresa was so much more professional! She picked the placenta up without me even knowing, which is really nice right after you have a baby. The capsules were done the 2 days later and even came in an adorable package. The capsules made a HUGE difference! I had way more energy and even bleed less than last time. Breastfeeding was so easy and I even felt like I had energy to get up in the morning and do my normal routine (with a newborn mind you). This was one of the best decisions I made this time around. Theresa's postpartum guide answered all my questions too which was great!" -T.G., mom in Lewiston, ID 2014

"You were accessible and easy to talk to. I appreciated you lining out all of the possible benefits or negative side effects for my husband and I. The only work I had to do was buy a $1 cooler and put it in my car; as a busy person I really needed something easy like that. The booklet was also great to answer questions." -G.J. 1st time mom.

Everything was absolutely wonderful! I was treated with so much kindness. Any future placentas of mine will be encapsulated with you guys! Thank you!! -2nd time mom in the L.C. Valley, 2015

"I chose placenta encapsulation to help with after-birth contractions. They have been very very difficult with my previous babies and I was desperate for something that helped. I don't get postpartum depression or anything but I was so scared about the afterpains. Anything that could help with them I was willing to try! During breastfeeding the contractions were so bad with my 6th that I couldn't handle it anymore and switched him to formula at only 4 days old. I was ashamed of myself but I was in physical agony and could not possibly continue. This time I started by having Theresa make smoothie packs for the first two days postpartum. She put them in cute mason jars and it included lots of fruit and veggies so I didn't have to see the placenta or taste it. Those helped SO much because I had very few pains after birth and didn't even take the ibuprofin that I used to worship. After I ran out of smoothies Theresa delivered the capsules and I took them for a few weeks after. I ended up not needing all of them but you bet I'm saving them for a time when I might!" -4th time Lewiston, Id mom

I was terrified of having another baby and being alone. My first daughter left me overwhelmed and I suffered from severe postpartum depression. I never received any help and it left me scared to have any more children. 11 years later I got pregnant again; I was so scared to go through the postpartum time again, especially being alone. My midwife told me about placenta encapsulation and I knew that it was worth all the money in the world to feel "normal". This baby was night and day different than the last. I was happy, got out of the house, was able to run off of little sleep, and so much more. My capsules lasted 4 months. I honestly would likely never have more children if I didn't have an option for dealing with the postpartum depression. Thank you so much. Thank you". -Pullman, WA mom of two girls

I loved my products I got the pills salve and tincture an so far am loving it all. Very professional and great quality products. Also very affordable I have noticed such a difference in the way I feel using the pills compared to my last 2 kids. -Pullman, WA 3rd time mom

"My husband thought I was crazy to do this but he understood on day 2 when my milk came in! Just hours after taking my first capsules. I don't think the capsules did all of it but man, the nurses were amazed! It was so worth the money to have that help. I also ordered a tincture that I can use during menopause- something to look forward to." -J.K., University of Idaho Mom, 2014

"I met with Theresa when I was only 4 months pregnant, and reserved my due date. When the time came I ended up with a temperature during labor and my placenta wasn't able to be encapsulated. I was thankful that Theresa refunded me and made a couple prints for the baby's room instead." -M.S., 2nd time mom in Clarkston, WA, 2015

"These gave me a ton of energy! I even had to cut back on my dose so I could fall asleep at night. Theresa was really sweet and helpful and answered all of my questions. She also had my package ready the same day I came home from the hospital." -Sara W., 1st time mom in Moscow, ID

This was my 2nd time having my placenta done. This time I got a cute package with a booklet and instructions. The prints are adorable in the baby room too! I think the capsules helped with my energy and milk supply but I guess I'll never really know. Thanks again! - D.D., Clarkston, WA