Moscow placenta encapsualtion


  • Encapsulation service prepared in your choice of either raw or steamed method.
  • Yields 50-200 capsules depending on the size of your placenta.
  • Same day pick-up of your placenta.*
  • Includes a one of a kind placenta art impression & an umbilical cord keepsake.
  • The encapsulation process is documented for you to see; you will receive several digital photos of the process and a detailed report of your placenta.
  • Includes an 8 page postpartum & capsule dosing guide.

ADD-ONS $25/EACH, $40/2

Placenta Tincture: A 4oz tincture can be created using a small portion of your placenta and 100 proof alcohol, steeped over a minimum of a 6-week period. Tinctures last forever and can be used during times of emotional or physical transition after your encapsulated placenta pills are gone. It can even be used during menopause!

Placenta salve:  Infused with placenta powder, this cream has all sorts of calming, soothing, and healing agents in it. It can be used as a nipple cream, for hemorrhoids or perineal tearing, diaper rash, skin irritations, and much more. This is also a wonderful cream to help heal cesarean section incisions after the wound has closed to help lessen scarring, itching, and discomfort.


Placenta prints: 50/ Placenta prints are made on high quality, acid-free paper using your placenta and your choice of medium. Options include natural blood, all-natural dyes free of corn syrup or synthetic dyes, standard food grade dyes, or non-toxic paint. You receive 8 different prints in the colors you request. Framed options available upon request. See some of these placenta prints here.

Tincture only: 150/ Your entire placenta can be processed into 1 gallon of high-quality tincture that has will never expire or go bad. A great option for moms seeking life-long hormonal support.