Professionally trained. Palouse Placentas' encapsulation specialist is double trained through both International Placenta and Postpartum Association and The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts as well as OSHA blood-borne pathogens and infection control trained, and holds a Washington State Health Department food handlers permit. Visit the About page to learn more about her qualifications and training.

The highest safety standards. When you choose placenta encapsulation with Palouse Placenta, you are choosing a process that is carefully designed to ensure the highest level of safety. I highly value the safety, cleanliness, and health concerns involved with encapsulation and follow rigorous sanitation standards that exceed all requirements. Encapsulation equipment is always properly disinfected.

I never process more than one placenta at a time. Your safety is imperative! If I were to receive two placentas on the same day, I would properly store one placenta while completely finishing the encapsulation process of the other. There will never be two separate placentas in the designated work space at one time.

High quality, organic ingredients. Palouse Placenta offers beautiful placenta prints they are made using natural food dyes free of corn syrup, sugars, and synthetic dyes.

Three day turnaround guarantee. Palouse Placenta guarantees your capsules will be finished as quickly as possible. Usually they are delivered the next day.

Professional, discrete service. I will never advertise who my clients are or discuss their births or placenta services with any friends or family. I highly value client confidentiality.